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Salsa Con Gusto dance company is run by Jenny Oliver (UKA Licentiate). Jenny first started taking Salsa classes with Phil Heath at Bath University in 1999 and very quickly became hooked. The following year she set up the Bath University Salsa Society, organising dance nights and guest workshops for members and local salseros/as. As well as partnering various local teachers and visiting guest instructors, Jenny also began to do more and more teaching in her own right.

A UKA qualified instructor since 2007, Jenny founded her own dance company, Salsa Con Gusto, in 2009. She has taught dance classes (Salsa, La Rueda, Bachata etc.) in Bath/Bristol, Newcastle-under-Lyme and at Keele University, as well as appearing as a guest instructor at events in Bath/Bristol and beyond. Jenny has also run a variety of party nights at Keele University, as well as Latin Dance Festivals at Bath University.

In her classes Jenny likes to focus on getting the basics right and uses her experience as both a leader and a follower to help her students develop good technique. At the same time the emphasis is firmly on the social nature of salsa dancing and having fun with your partner on the dance floor.


I am based in Bristol, but am not teaching any regular classes at present, or organising dance events.





If you have a question, please contact me on:


+44 7930 843585 +44 7930 843585


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